Ambiance Wool Cotton Mattress


Ambiance Wool Cotton Mattress

Immerse yourself in the luxury of sleep with the Ambiance Cotton Wool Pocket Spring Mattress, an exceptional experience combining organic cotton, natural wool and CertiPUR-US® foam for unforgettable nights.

  • Individually multi-zone pocket springs
  • Side supports
  • Cushioned Top
  • JOMA natural wool
  • GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
  • CertiPUR certified

Our GOTS certified organic cotton guarantees healthy, eco-friendly sleep, grown and processed without harmful chemicals.

Natural JOMA wool ensures thermal regulation throughout the year, offering you optimal comfort in every season. CertiPUR-US® foam, certified for its quality and durability, ensures uncompromising comfort, while respecting the environment.

The pocket springs of the Ambiance Mattress offer personalized support by adapting to your body, reducing disruptive movements for deep and restorative nights and energizing mornings.

Offer well-being and sustainability with the Ambiance Cotton Wool Mattress, offering superior quality sleep while preserving our planet.

Experience the difference of a night’s sleep on our mattress and transform your bedrooms into a haven of natural comfort.

Your customers deserve the best.

(Bed base not included)



Compositions and certifications


Individually multi-zone pocket springs providing increased support for the pelvis

This type of assembly is made up of several springs individually wrapped in fabric pouches in three different degrees of firmness. It is designed to provide the best possible independent support, since the springs are not bound to each other in a helical fashion. That is why it is advantageous for side sleepers.

Side supports

Side supports in high compression foam on 100% of the perimeter.

Top and Quilt

The cushioned top is a CertiPUR-US® certified high-density comfort layer. Made of flexible foam made from renewable natural products (such as soy), it provides this mattress with great comfort, compression and stable density, as well as valuable durability.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton G.O.T.S certified is a cotton that is grown without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides. It comes from original plants, which means plants that are not genetically modified and have not been treated with chemicals, making it a health and environment friendly product.

Joma natural wool

  • Uniquely treated for extra resilience and loft, sustainably sourced from New Zealand farms and independently certified for quality, Joma Wool® is simply the world’s finest wool for bedding. Wool naturally brings its coolness in summer and its comforting warmth in winter. For thousands of years, wool has been used primarily for comfort and luxury. Wool fibers trap millions of microscopic pockets of air. When wool is used in bedding, it is this air that keeps us warm on cold winter nights and cool in summer. It produces a natural mechanism that controls temperature. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture vapor without getting wet while other synthetic fibers can only absorb 1-2% water before becoming wet. Wool is a natural raw material that respects the environment.

Certified CertiPUR

CertiPUR-US® stands for comfort and confidence! CertiPUR-US® is a not-for-profit certification body developed by the flexible polyurethane foam industry. Accredited flexible polyurethane foams meet CertiPUR-US® program manufacturing, emissions and durability standards. They are also analyzed by independent testing laboratories. Certified CertiPUR-US® foams are:

Made without substances that deplete the ozone layer.
Manufactured without PBDE, TDCPP and TMCP (Tris) flame retardants.
Manufactured without mercury, lead or any other heavy metals.
Made without formaldehyde.
Made without phthalates which are regulated by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

They release low emissions of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), thus preserving indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million).

Dimensions of mattress and box spring

Mattress Dimensions (Nominal)* in USA and Canada

This page is intended to inform you about the most popular standard sizes* in the United States and Canada and is not a list of all sizes available on the market. For other sizes, such as RV sizes or custom sizes, please contact one of our representatives at one of our stores.

*Warning: The normalized dimensions (Standards) are rounded values ​​which are used for reference purposes and do not constitute the exact size of mattresses or box springs. Two mattresses of the same nominal size may have slightly different dimensions due to manufacturing tolerances, amount of stuffing, type of materials and type of support, etc. To obtain the exact dimension of a specific mattress, it is best to contact one of our representatives in one of our stores.

Standard Dimensions* of Mattresses:

Crib 28″ × 52″ (71 cm × 132 cm)
Half-Queen 30 in x 80 in (76.2 cm x 203.5 cm)
Single 39 in × 75 in (99 cm × 190.5 cm)
Single Long (XL) 39 in × 80 in 99 cm × 203 cm (99 cm × 203.5 cm)
Three Quarters (3/4) 48″ × 75″ (122 cm × 190.5 cm)
Double 54 in × 75 in (137 cm × 190.5 cm)
Double Long (XL) 54 in × 80 in (137 cm × 203.5 cm)
Queen 60″ × 80″ (152.5 cm × 203.5 cm)
King 76″ × 80″ (193 cm × 203.5 cm)
Californian King 72″ × 84″ (183 cm × 213.5 cm)

Standardized* dimensions of the bed bases:

In the United States and Canada, standard box spring dimensions are the same as standard bed sizes, except:
• The king box spring will consist of two single L or two XL;
• The California King box spring will consist of two 36″ x 84″ (91.5 cm x 213.5 cm) pieces.