Our Guarantee

Founded in 1970, our business is renowned for its high-quality warranties for all our mattresses, pillows and other products.

Since we manufacture our mattresses, we provide assistance with no intermediaries, which significantly speeds up settlements and facilitates exchanges. Customer satisfaction is essential for us, as our guarantees prove.

We offer a personalized after-sales service with a team of qualified professionals who will be able to solve any problems you may encounter with your products that are covered by our warranty.

All products sold by Matelas Dauphin are guaranteed, as explained on each item’s personalized information sheet.


Warranty Period

The length of your warranty depends on the type of mattress you purchase.
The warranty is effective as of the date the mattress is delivered. Should the mattress be repaired or replaced, said warranty is neither renewed nor extended.

If necessary, Matelas Dauphin will repair or replace the mattress subject to the fees given in the warranty’s price list. For the warranty to be valid, you must provide proof of purchase showing the transaction date.

In addition, we highly recommend that you use box springs or a solid frame with a rigid centre support. Unsuitable bed frames lead to insufficient support, which in turn causes premature wear and failure of the mattress and box springs.

Please refer to your mattress information sheet for further details.
Our 120-Night Satisfaction Guarantee

To ensure that you made the best possible choice, Matelas Dauphin offers a trial period of up to 120 days. A 60-day minimum trial is mandatory. If you are not satisfied after this trial period, Matelas Dauphin will exchange your mattress. This exchange applies to the mattress only, subject to equal or greater value, and for the same size. Simply call in at your store to organize the exchange and we will deliver your new mattress (delivery fees apply).

Please note that if the retail price of the new mattress purchased is higher than the retail price of the previous one, you must pay the difference at the time of the exchange. Every client is entitled to one (1) 120-night trial per purchase, per mattress. The 120-night trial period is non-transferable and any returns are subject to proof of purchase.

If you live in a remote area where there are no Matelas Dauphin stores, additional delivery fees will apply. Please contact our customer service department to find out more. We will be more than happy to assist you with an exchange.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1 888 832-3636