Dauphin Collection

Nat Series bed base

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Dauphin Collection

Nat Series bed base

Explore superior comfort with our Nat Series box spring, an essential element for restful sleep. Our rigid wooden base is specially designed to provide unparalleled support to your mattress, improving your sleeping experience.

  • wooden slats nailed and glued together

The Nat Series is distinguished by its high-end wooden structure, composed of slats carefully nailed and glued together. This clever design not only guarantees unfailing solidity, but also optimal support for your mattress. Now you can enjoy peaceful sleep, without worrying about back pain or discomfort during the night.

The Nat Series box spring is available in heights of 2”in/5.08cm, 4”in/10.16cm, 6”in/15.24cm, and 8”in/20.32cm, offering a perfect balance between ideal height and stability. It is compatible with most types of mattresses, whether memory foam, latex, or springs. Thus ensuring a solid foundation for your bedding.

Choosing the Nat Series means investing in quality, comfort and durability. We understand the importance of quality sleep for your well-being, which is why we created this exceptional bed base that meets all your needs.

Transform your sleeping space into a sanctuary of comfort with the Nat Series box spring. Choose quality, optimal support, and truly restorative sleep.

Order yours today and rediscover the pleasure of sleeping well.

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