The original technology has been redesigned and updated. Two layers from advanced TEMPUR® technology continuously adapt to meet your body’s changing needs overnight.


The TEMPUR-ES® material: Fall into a cozy sleep with the softer upper layers of TEMPUR® material.

The original TEMPUR® support layer: Advanced adaptability that automatically reacts to your body temperature, weight and shape to provide you with truly personalized comfort and support.

The base layer: Serves as a support module for the TEMPUR® layers and promotes the dispersion of heat outside the mattress.


Premium cover: Ultra stretch cover with fibers that wicks moisture away from the body to keep sleepers dry and comfortable.

Temperature control under the cover: The phase change material, cool to the touch, is placed directly under the cover and dissipate heat away from the body so that sleepers are comfortable overnight.

Designed and assembled in North America. 10 year warranty.

(Mattress foundation not included)

  • Precisely adapts to your body : Our patented TEMPUR® material adjusts to your body, adapting to every curve — so you sleep comfortably and completely supported.
  • No more tossing and turning : Pressure-relieving material contours to your individual shape, minimizing the painful pressure points that keep you awake.
  • Helps you both sleep undisturbed : TEMPUR® material absorbs energy and dramatically reduces motion transfer, so your sleep partner's movement won't disturb you.
  • Temperature Control :  High-loft advanced fabric cover keeps you dry while phase change material provides cool-to-the-touch comfort and draws heat away from your body.

Twin or single

38 in x 74 in (97cm x 188cm)

Single L or twin XL

38 in x 80 in (97cm x 203cm)

Full / Double

53 in x 74 in (135cm x 188cm)


60 in x 80 in (152cm x 203cm)


76 in x 80 in ( 193cm x 203cm)
  • Profil (approx) 11.5 po
  • Confort : Firm
  • 10 Years non-prorated warranty

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