Pillow Micro-Fibre

New Micro-Fibre technology creates a luxurious down-like feel. Gusseted style construction in 100% combed cotton shell. Hypo-allergenic and ant-microbial protection built in. This soft pillow is machine washable and tumble dry.

The pillow Micro-Fibre give you a level of comfort and unrivaled softness!


* The price is for one pillow only



$ 39.95
Additional information on conditions of use
  • It is recommended using a quilted pillow protector with all pillow.
  • We recommend airing out your pillow twice a year by putting in contact with fresh air for a few hours.
  • Another way to air out pillows is to tumble dry them on the no heat or air-only cycle with some tennis balls to make them even more fluffy.
  • You can also neutralize odours by sprinkling on some baking soda or baby powder.
    Dry cleaning is recommended.
  • Machine washing is possible considering some précautions.
Additional information on maintenance
  • Use only a mild soap.
  • Wash only on delicate cycle; DO NOT BLEACH.
  • Wash two to three pillows at a time, and at the end of the cycle set on normal speed spin cycle to get out the most water possible.
  • Tumble dry on the no heat or air-only cycle with 2 to 3 tennis balls.
  • Let pillow dry completely (it may take several hours).
  • It is best to use a front-loading machine.

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