Pillow FossFill

The FossFill pillow is made of StaminaFibre ™ fiber

StaminaFibre ™ is a safe, flame retardant, washable and non-allergenic material. StaminaFibre ™ fiber never flattens. This pillow is covered with a luxurious 100% cotton percale coating. StaminaFibre ™ fiber is an antiallergenic product that is proven to control dust mites. The FossFill pillow carries a 3 year warranty and is environmentally friendly. Machine washable.

* The price is for one pillow only

Additional information related to use:
  • The use of a quilted pillow protector is recommended for all pillows
  • The pillow should be ventilated twice a year by exposing it to fresh air for a few hours
  • Another way to do this is to dry the pillow with two or three new tennis balls in a dryer to give it more puffiness
  • Odor can be eliminated by dusting the pillow with baby powder or baking soda
  • Dry cleaning is recommended
  • Machine washing is possible, but it must be very neat
Pillow Care Recommendation :
  • Use only very mild soap
  • Use a gentle cycle and DO NOT USE BLEACH.
  • Wash two or three pillows together and, at the end of the cycle, restore normal centrifugal spin to ensure maximum water extraction
  • Tumble dry at low temperature by incorporating 2 or 3 tennis balls
  • Let the pillow dry completely (sometimes it takes several hours)
  • Preferably use a front-loading machine

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